Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API (The G Suite Dev Show)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 6:1
An email signature doesn’t have to be boring. In this DevByte video, Google engineer Wesley Chun plants various ideas into your mind on how you can fetch data from external sources. You’ll then learn how to use the Gmail API to modify user settings, specifically the signature of your primary address. Now you can link to your latest social post or send random witty quotes, keeping your email recipients on their toes or customers updated with your latest product information!

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  1. I think it would be a more useful use case and video if you showed how to create Company wide Signatures template… I am sure many more business would like to do that and some which dont have a developer to do that will even love a really step by step walkthru.

  2. Hello, thanks for your videos.
    Is it possible to use 1 service account to update signatures for every domain users ? The only way I imagine it right now, is to loop with "http_auth = delegated_credentials.authorize(Http())" for each users, it seems heavy. thanks


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