Ninox Tutorial 1 – Create a Customer Database


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 5:43
Learn the basic concepts of Ninox databases and tables and create your first customer database whcih may be the starting point of your very own CRM solution.


  1. More detailed tutorials are needed. This seems so promising, but super difficult to set up. Would love to purchase and utilize but can not seem to get where I need. Relationships is the hardest and instructions on site and on you tube are not detailed enough. Upsetting I will not be able to purchase.

  2. I bought Ninox, because of all the positiv reviews and how easy it is to set up things. I was on Filemaker for over 20 years and it is overkill for my purposes. But I really have to say, that I am not able to set up an invoice form from scratch that is hooked up to my client data base. Compared to Filemaker, this seems really complicated to me. So, yes, where are all the tutorials for people like me?

  3. More tutorials? True, true… So much power, so hard to figure out… But I had a question whose answer I couldn't figure out, so I emailed tech support in Germany. I had a concise answer in English in about 12 hours!


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