Office 365 Groups: Quick tour of new user and admin experiences


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Video duration: 14:6
Today we take a tour of all the recent updates to Office 365 Groups – spanning user, IT and developer experiences. Groups are pervasive in Office 365, providing self-service capabilities to accelerate collaboration – from conversations, calendar, files, to notes and planning. From an admin’s perspective, this also means there is a need to create, modify and audit all activities; Groups in Azure AD provides these capabilities as well.


  1. I work for a successful MSP. At the risk of being redundant – our clients pay us to manage, monitor and backup their IT infrastructure. However, many clients also ask us to manage projects and sometimes simply give us tasks that don't necessarily fit beneath a formal project. We have enterprise-class tools, but it's my opinion that the teams that are assigned to manage assignment coming from clients are lacking an enterprise-class project management suite. I'm quite excited to learn about Microsoft's investment in Planner! I'm trying to get my hands around how Microsoft Groups, Microsoft Teams, and even Microsoft BI interrelate. I'm confident that what I'll call the Planner ecosystem's integration with Outlook & Azure AD will all but guarantee the quick adoption by companies that manage projects. Bravo Microsoft.

  2. Heard in another webinar that Groups will also soon come with Team Sites, and that the Groups files library will gain the full functionality of Sharepoint document libraries (metadata, ability to display a view in a web part, ability to be edited by workflows, etc.). I think these two additions will cement Groups as our new collaboration platform, replacing a current hodgepodge mix of Box and SP 2010 team sites. Loving the idea of Groups being able to replicate both the ease of use and mobility of Box plus the content management of Sharepoint.

  3. I expect the Office Groups to become the MSFT workload collaboration platform favorite while the yammer stays more like a social network experience. Instead of hooking those two closely together we should see perfectly integrated groups features for building groups, planning tasks, creating and storing content, discuss and approve results, meet online and offline, chat and talk in a unified way and with perfectly designed UI! Think about Delve as the personal start page for your participation in any of those office groups. Brilliantly simple! Like!

  4. Thanks for this update. Can the group calendar be tied into desktop Outlook 2013? I see my group appointments on my personal calendar, but there is not a separate calendar.

    I think I've seen elsewhere that the group calendar can be brought into Outlook 2016 for the desktop, but not earlier versions. Is this right?


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