One to Many Relationships in Visio 2013 Lab 1a BIS 245

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This shows you how to join a Customer Table to an Order Table in a 1 to Many Relationship in MS Visio 2013. It also shows how to Join a Supplier Table to a Product Table. This corresponds to Lab 1a in BIS 245.

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1 thought on “One to Many Relationships in Visio 2013 Lab 1a BIS 245

    Sophie Evans.

    (July 11, 2018 - 2:39 pm)

    Hello, I have actually just had my first class today for BIS 245 and this video is very helpful. Even though I've never used the programme, I can tell its very finicky trying to select things. At first I thought it was just because I am using a MAC.
    I have one question if that would be ok. In part B it says "Modify the model by making all attributes of both parties related using a shared primary key in the related table". This is for the Suppliers and Products entities. Would that mean I need to add a Supplier ID to the Product entity and connect it with a relationship line?
    I'm sorry to bother you but would really appreciate any advice you may have.
    Thank you.

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