OneNote in Education: Transforming Learning Via Technology & eTextbooks


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 1:45
See how OneNote has helped Cary Academy, a grades 6-12 school in North Carolina, take learning to the next level by facilitating collaboration between teachers and students and the use of digital learning assets. Teachers write their own textbooks within OneNote and share with their students, saving parents money and their students from heavy backpacks!


  1. I also believe in the value of Innovation, Collaboration and Discovering as three positive traits for today's students. Using OneNote as a digital textbook for Mathematics is another excellent use of OneNote for this subject.

  2. I am a home-schooling parent and I purchased a Surface pro and have one note 2013. I use it for my children's handwriting and math studies. I really would love to find some of these one note digital text books. I haven't found any online and would greatly appreciate any help in finding them.


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