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About this tutorial:

Video duration: 12:40
A brief run-through of the OneNote app for iPad and some samples of how OneNote for iPad can be used in the classroom to aid in the tracking of learning and annotation of work. In this demonstration the OneNote notebook was created using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. My video on this can be found here:

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful review. My question is: is it possible already for the app to print notes with an A4 format? The page format of Onenote is infinite, even when you convert it into pdf, it gives you an indefinite page lenght. Something that I would love of this app would be able to print your notes in A4 paper size.

  2. Onenote for iPad is pretty much crippled. I would get the Surface over the iPad Pro any day now. I can do 20 times more with Onenote for Windows. Microsoft is converting this Mac user of over 20 years.

  3. +pisse3000 – For some reason Youtube won't let me reply to your question, so I am posting the reply here:

    I just have one question. Can you import a PDF file and then draw on it?

    The easiest way I can think of is to screen capture the page of the PDF and then insert it as an image into OneNote and then you will be able to draw over it.
    It would be nice if the iPad allowed 'Print to OneNote'.
    I will keep trying to find a better solution.

    Which version of the iPad was this?

    This was version 2.17.2
    There is a new version out – version 2.20 which I haven't fully tested yet.
    I will have to make an updated video soon.

  4. Thank you very much for this AWESOME review. I was experiencing a mild case of "Buyer's Remorse" from the iPad Pro because I did not know about an App like this one. The IOS NOTES App from Apple seems so limited because the user cannot mix text, drawing and annotation. Instead the user has to create multiple Notes In order to accommodate such tasks. . This App has solved my issues with sketching, annotating and typed texts within the same document. For example, when I want to create an electrical project wiring diagram along with parts list coloring my wiring, NOTES App made it difficult by comparison to OneNote.
    Your tutorial has revived my purchase reasons of the iPad Pro…Cheers!

  5. I'd like to know more about the research that you referred to in your clip. This concerns the brain imaging studies that was published in the Learning disability quarterly. Can you tell the issue and author please?

  6. A great demo of how it is useful for teachers and students. The feature to resize the text boxes has still not been enabled!
    There is also an issue with the select all option. Was hoping to switch to OneNote from Evernote. But that's a no for now :/

  7. Excellent break down of the benefits of onenote. I only stumbled upon it recently, it hasn't made the same waves in the UK as it has in America yet, but thanks to videos like yours I can see that this is worth investing serious time and effort on to make it part of my classes next year. I hasn't realised that the iPad functionality was quite as good as it is, so thanks again for a great video. Please let us know if you experiment any more!


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