ONLY Arturia Minibrute 2 for a FULL SONG


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 3:5
I’m making a full song using only the Arturia Minibrute 2. One synth. Two oscillators. Seven distinct sounds. Dozens of tracks in Ableton Live.

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  1. I really like this approach. At one time I wanted a table or two full of synths all permanently patched into my mixer and preconfigured in my DAW. I thought that would make me more productive but it didn't. Right now I have a table with the Minibrute 2s, Mother 32 and Push 2. That's it. And I'm making more music now than then. In another video you talked about creatively embracing limitations. That was a very helpful reminder. Thanks.

  2. I really love the MB2. I still don't find enough jams/vids on the tube featuring it, and that's a shame!
    I own the 2S version, and i have to say is the more flexible synth I ever owned! I'm considering about buying a second audio card (like a motu 828 to have many in/outs) to pilot CCs on the minibrute from the daw, using bridging plugins as expert sleeper's silent way or CV toolkit.

  3. you used the whole yard to make a track. I won’t be surprised if you move to another country during album recording, just because you need to change locations while making each part of each track. Nice approach though 😉

  4. Portable synths should have battery power. Portable synths should have battery power. Portable synths should have battery power. Why didn't they make it battery powered?)

  5. I really would like to buy this, and dfam. But im sworn off buying anything until i can kick ass on the tr8s. I love the fact your focusing on one device. I reall respect your camera work too. Now thats an idea for you why not do a "how i shoot video." You have very unqiue way, of doing this very much in the same way as your story telling seems to be huge part of your narration. Another great upload thx!


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