Optimized Excel Line Charts: Prevent drop to zero & dynamic Legend positioning


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 12:18
In this Excel Line Chart tutorial, you learn four tricks:
1. How to prevent your line series to drop to zero
2. How to create dynamic charts based on a Point of View (in this case month selection)
3. How to integrate your legend inside the chart – i.e. at the end of the line series for improved readability and…
4. How to hide or make error values in cells, invisible with conditional formatting.

? Download the workbook here ?

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  1. Hi Leila, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your videos. Could you also do some video(s) for Get & Transform + Data Model + Power Pivot? A combination tutorial of the 3 would be awesome. Thanks.

  2. Hi Leila, thanks for your videos. I follow you here on YouTube and have all your courses on Udemy! I'm struggling mightily with one little thing that should be fairly simple only if Excel have include it in its functionality. I tried to use the methods used on this video but not getting it right. I want to show just the data labels for the start and end of each line for a line chart with multiple categories. I know that I can just select the data points and show the labels but this will be a fixed solution, I want to do it more flexible in case more years are added so the label "moves" with the year. Do you have any video on this? Help please! Thanks!

  3. Great video Leial, as always. I like the moving label trick I think this should also be added to your chart course. I do remember you addressing this several times in some of your advanced charting techniques.


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