Outlook Time Management Tutorial Part 1 – Email Management


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Video duration: 24:58
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The first of a five-part series which focuses on email and time management strategies that apply to Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. This presentation, with speaker notes is available for purchase.

Section 1 Goals: Take Control of Your Inbox:

1. Set up a simple and effective folder system
2. Assign useful categories to organize email messages
3. Automate your most repetitive tasks
4. Apply a decision-making model to manage your inbox

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  1. How do you manage the conversations using the Quick Steps?  Let's say for example that in processing my inbox over a period of 3 days, I have 7 action items with 7 replies each.  In processing my inbox, I'll end up tagging 49 messages, when actually there are only 7 actionable items.  I'd really appreciate your advice on this.thanks

  2. This is very nice, thinking how to manage emails that are in sent folder. Take a case I sent a email to someone to do same task and want to track if the response is arrived or not.

  3. Thanks a lot for all these precious advices!
    I am using Outlook 2013 and I do not have the AutoPick button in the Calendar when I want to schedule an email. Did you do something special or does this option has been removed or changed between Outlook 2010 and 2013?
    Thanks for your help!

  4. You mention that you could analysis the time you spend on each category , can you still export this information using Outlook 2013 – would be very useful. Great video, almost how I've been using my email with a few addition tips 🙂 Thanks!

  5. thanks for your post. It solves most of my problems except one i.e. how to follow up people ( for e.g. if you send an email to a person who has not responded , how can we track such emails & remind them again). It would help if you could suggest something for this problem

  6. Today my hotmail got changed into outlook for no reason.
    So I contacted microshits support and asked if i could somehow revert my account to hotmail or get my emails forwarded to a different/better email service.
    This is the response i got:
    "Answer tech has ended the chat."
    So, FUCK YOU microsoft, You suck more sack than elton john, you useless fuks.

  7. How about Some one who is receiving 3000+ email per day, because he is a part of DL in the company and he get lot of alerts and from people who are sending email on group DL. How can he manage his inbox

  8. This video has actively reduced my stress at work – thank you so much! I'm a an advanced user of all kinds of weird and wonderful niche software but I've never bothered to sit down and learn how to use Outlook properly.

    I recommend this video to all!

  9. Very good presentation!! There are two things I am missing:
    1I how you deal with the outgoing emails. Does everything stay in the outbox, do you archive and what do you delete?
    2) How do you manage attachments?

    Best regards!

  10. I would suggest for "Action – Urgent" also Add Action in Quick Step to "mark message as unread" – this way you also quickly get a count of Urgent mails to action upon.. and you can aim to make it 0 asap… you can do the same to Read as well

  11. Hi.

    Excellent guide, just have one question. It seems when mails are sorted in the action folder, and the sorting is done by categories, it does not allow showing mails in conversations as i have in the inbox and other folders. Is there any way to activate or accomplish this?

    Problem is that conversations that i'm waiting for answers to, are split up in several mails from my "one" mail conversation in the inbox. That kinda clutters up the whole thing if you understand…

  12. How to keep track of the waiting for e-mails when the answer gets routed to the inbox?
    My problem is when the answer comes in, this is definitely forwarded etc. To the right person in less than two minutes, but then the original e-mails gets left behind in the "waiting for" category.

    How do you solve this?

  13. One of the better email management videos I've seen.  One item you may want to bring up, however …
    If you create folders that are subfolders of your Inbox, they will be deleted if IT makes any updates to the Outlook server.  My IT dept recommended I create folders within my mailbox, not as subfolders to my Inbox.  In that case updates would not result in a cleansing of my organized folders.  Great video.

  14. PS: just trialing outlook 2016 for mac, also there quick steps are missing (for now) Would be great quick steps are server steps which automatically be visible across all apps. Seeing the sessions at Ignite in Chicago I think MS is going the right way. Universal apps across platforms, but I'm afraid they still have a long way to go.

  15. Quick steps is nice, but problem is that Microsoft needs to make it available on all platforms.  It's missing from Mac / mobile apps.  So until that's not available across platforms it doesn't give me the necessary plus when I'm mobile.  Until that's available i'm using Touchdown on mobile to make sure i can easily use my old multi subfolder approach. It still gives me easy access when i need previous email. Quick steps only available on my windows outlook i would run into issues.
    Or of course I'm missing something…let me know if anyone has solution for this.

  16. Is it possible to organize this voor outlook on a macbook? For example with scrips? I use an macbook at home and can't use the quick steps. Hopefully there is a solution?
    Thanks in advance! Greetings Frank

  17. Hello , I would appreciate if you could guide me on what is the best approach to follow up on mail i send to my team  if they don't respond. sometimes , i receive request from client , then i forward to one of my team member which i expect their answer, now if they dont respond , i get escalation from client as sometimes i dont remember to follow up with the team on it , in the reply or forward mail, I don't see the quick steps.

    awaiting your inputs and advise Please


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