Overview and Basic Features of GTD app for Windows. MyLifeOrganized tutorial.


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 4:51
From this video you will learn how to create, move, group and complete tasks in MyLifeOrganized to-do list app. We will also show how to work with your own outline of tasks and pick up certain todos from it in just one click with the help of views. More tutorials on MyLifeOrganized website:


  1. When are you planning to make a video about how to make other views and how the GOAL tab works? You said that you would be covering one of these topics in your next video but that's been almost a year now!

  2. Really like this program, and your icon is the best icon of a program I have seen. I have been wondering if a calendar view is planned, or if it is already in the program, and I just haven't found it.


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