Patina Tutorial


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 6:17
Patina, the beautiful and simple drawing app for Mac.

Adorn your Mac with the best app for making simple drawings and sketches.


  1. It's worth noting (as Atek clearly states on their web site), "Patina is not a vector app, does not have layers, and does not allow you to manipulate already drawn objects in the same way that you can in a layout app like Pages or a presentation app like Keynote or PowerPoint." When the narrator says "click on Select, or another tool, to commit the shape," he really means "commit." According to reviewers on the Mac App Store, there's no way to edit objects after that. That said, it gets very positive reviews; users appear happy enough being able to undo an action as a workaround for not being able to edit after committing.


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