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PUBG has left early access, and is now officially out on PC. Editor Michael Higham weighs in on one of the hottest Battle Royale shooters of 2017.

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  1. WOW! The dumbest worst developed game ever. This is a game to keep your kids away from for sure. Games like this should be government regulated. No wonder we have all the psycho kids in schools now.

  2. Who do you have to pay off or kill in order to get a motorcycle or a dune buggy in this game? Would it kill the developers to put a different colored line in the map so you know where you are running toward if all of the delineating lines or white it's extremely easy to be outside the play area.

  3. Why so much critics? This game is awesome! Just armed yourself really good, stay within reach of the boundary or else our health meter decline. And ALWAYS stay vigilant. My heart pounded when I hear footsteps and the enemy is near you haha

  4. The thing that these idiots fight about which game is better and honestly, they're both games, they're not made to be compared, they're made to play and have fun with. Idk why u people care so much, you're not gonna get

  5. OMG all these comments and STEAM MIXED COMMENTS !! SHOULD I TRY THE GAME OR NOT ? i play fortnite at the moment . ( very repetitive and i feel bored of it )


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