PowerPoint Data Visualization Secret Ingredient


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 5:49
Use this PowerPoint Data Visualization secret ingredient to build more professional slides and get to the point of your slide.

Grab the slides from this PowerPoint tutorial below:

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  1. Very good content, thank you. I don't know if anyone else was experiencing this but the audio was somehow off. Kinda quiet when thru the speakers on the laptop but was only coming in one side on my headset. Wasn't my headset because my music came through fine and so di other YouTube video.

  2. Great series and keeping them quick and to the point.  You mentioned the storytelling video but I don't see one with that in the title.  Can you provide the link?

  3. I found this really helpful. Rather than focusing on all of the fancy charts that can be created in PPT, the focus is clearly on presenting the data in a way that is not only useful, but is done in a way that makes the slide memorable. I really like this series. Thanks.

  4. The Magic is in the Middle ! That's a very nice, fast and easy way to identify what matters. I'm really glad to see you branching into the storytelling skill, this is very promising.

    Thanks again.

  5. A well thought out and presented group of suggestions. However your Titanic and Allure comparison while a nice idea is harder to carry off for most folks that I think you made it seem. Finding good comparison images (e.g., the OJ Walmart example) or trying to create such an image can be far more difficult than I think you lead on. But that just my opinion. Perhaps I am not a creative as you are after all these years.

    Please keep up the good sharing.


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