Repair 0KB file in Windows 7


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:30
Note: this video tutorial is for VU-AMS files only!
Please got to for VU-AMS related questions.


  1. I have a similar problem, with the difference that the 0kb files (plural) are on my C drive. Will this still work? I'm concerned about the part where I have to format.

  2. I was recording video to an sd card in an older phone I use only for such recordings. The phone dropped and hour in and battery fell out. When I restarted the video was listed with a default date-based title, but read 0 bytes. It's an .mp4 file.

    I downloaded VU-DAMS & followed all your instructions. There are six FOUND.000 files. I renamed them with the extension but they will not play on VU-DAMS or VLC. However, in the file properties NOW they read as large files, one with 36.4MB and another with 15.1MB! There HAS TO be a way to make these at least audible! I really only need the audio from these files – yes, the video camera was being used but only to record a conversation – the phone was laying flat on a table. PLEASE help! Thank you.

  3. Thank U for the video . I have a USB flash drive which I use for recording tv programs . But today , when I wanted to transfer the folders and files to my pc I saw all the files are gone . The folders exist but the files within them are gone . The folders show 0 kb. what should I do ?


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