Samsung Tab S3 Handwriting & Note Taking Demo


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Video duration: 8:54
This video looks at the handwriting and note taking functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the S Pen.

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  1. Teoh, thanks for the great review. I was trying to find out if the Tab S3 supported palm rejection technology and your video answered that as well as what app would be best suited with the S Pen. I am going to purchase one right now. Thanks!!!

  2. Which cover do you use with this device? Are you able to recommend anything? For me the cover book (original one from Samsung – magnetic) is bit – how to say – dangerous for these glass surfaces..

  3. Can you turn off pressure sensitivity in the tablet?? And can you write on the powerpoint app??

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and I write on OneNote, it is the best software for me according to the quality of the handwriting, but I don't like that it is impossible to get a continous document like word or powerpoint.

    But word and powerpoint don't have the option to turn off pressure sensitivity (I don't like pressure sensitivity and the quality is best for me without it), neither the surface has the option.

    I wish I could write on power point so my notes could be like a power point document and also without pressure sensitivity. Galaxy Tab S3 could meet my needs??

    Thank you.

  4. Would have loved the video to be much longer, e.g. specific functions for each app (formulas, etc.), other paper styles and longer texts. Like the sound and style of your video. Thumbs up.

  5. Your reviews are the most useful ones that Ive ever seen on youtube. All other tech channels should learn from you. Really useful information for people who are researching to buy the product. very honest, very detailed. Dont succumb to the peer pressure to increase production value. Its excellent as it is. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Thanks for the video. I have some questions:-
    1)i was looking for a tablet for note taking, but while taking notes, i kind of do a lot of undoing and redoing, so is there any app on s3 which has shortcuts that i can customise for it??

    2) Will the battery last if i take notes continuesly for a day on s3 since l am a med student and there's a lot of note taking to be done???

    3) best stylus and apps (considering shortcut features on stylus and app) for note taking on ipad pro???

    4) I had tabA with spen but the problem was when I would rest my palm on the screen and write notes l would frequently touch back button and everything would close. Do you find that problem too with tab s3???

  7. if note taking is the only purpose which one you will suggest tab s3 vs new ipad pro 10.5 . difficult to come to conclusion please help. which is one is more closer to paper leaving the extra feature of s pen i.e always connected , no battery etc . i can manage all the cons if it is close to real paper

  8. Can you do a New top 5 or 10 best stylus for iPad? I want a stylus to take notes in a iPad Air 2, I see one of your videos and I love the Adonit Pixel, but in your review you don’t talk a lot of note taking, I know the adonit is a little bit pricey but I want the best stylus, cause I don’t want pay for something that doesn’t work good in all aspects. Hope you make an update in that! Thank u!

  9. Hello, pls can you answer me? I would like to use it for note taking on the University, but when I writing, i like to touch with my hand the tablet). Idk, can my touching disturb the screen when i writing with pen?


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