Set Transparent color vs Remove Background : PowerPoint Tips Series


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 6:26
In this article we will see when to use Set Transparent color vs remove background options in PowerPoint. When to use each tool depends on why you need to clear the background.

The Set Transparent Tool is an easy way to remove a solid colored background. However the picture edges are not cleared fully. In such cases it is better to use the Remove Background option.

The PowerPoint Tools taught in this video are:

Set Transparent Box
Remove Background Tool
Mark Areas To Keep
Mark Areas to Remove


  1. what is photo editing software? but my boss like me to start the presentation on ppt for that i was design animated logo in 3d as my compony logo ,there must be some way to do this man?

  2. i want to import my animated logo in powerpoint by having applied transparent background on it, does this can be done easily ? i can turn image png background transparency alright! but i really like to import a video of a logo which should have to animate by having transparent background along with.if you know how to then let this know then guide.


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