Split a Cell Diagonally


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I’ll show two ways to diagonally split a cell. One way is a put a diagonal line through a cell and the other is to insert a shape object.


  1. HOW DO YOU SPLIT A SINGLE CELL horizontally ? (i don't want TWO COLUMNS) – I just want a black bar to appear in the middle of the cell.

    (that I can influence later on to increase the size of the cell on the left and decrease the size of the cell on the right ,or something like that)

  2. Thanks a lot for the information,which was not seen available in the Excel help.Kindly advise as to how to align the text to come at left top for the upper portion and bottom right for the lower portion.

  3. The Diagonal its messed up…it should go From TOP LEFT to bottom right, thats how its supposed to be…pure logic of where is the Column and where are the Rows. How you draw it has no sense. But Thanks because it helped many people (not me because i thought it was an easier and built in way)

  4. Dear Doug
    Thank you for the trick.  It's one of the (many) things I couldn't do with Excel.  (My knowledge of "descriptive statistics" is mostly from the 1970's, before the rise of computer software.)

  5. The problem with the second method is when you want to fill the other side of the cell with a triangle. You have to rotate it 180 degrees to make it the right orientation, so the text is upside down.

  6. Hi Doug H, good video but I know all this you showed. I want to know how to split a cell and insert in both of its parts separate formulas (in one cell). This is the homework that our academic university professor gave us and he tells us that it is called "The torment of programmer" 😉 . So, do you know how it has to be done?


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