Steve Vai – “For The Love Of God”


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Video duration: 9:39
Steve Vai performs “For The Love of God” live with the Holland Metropole Orchestra, 2005, featuring orchestration by Chris Opperman.
From the amazing DVD “Visual Sound Theories” – available through the official Steve Vai website, and music retailers everywhere.

• Over 2 hours of live footage
• 15 Songs
• 5.1 Surround & Stereo Mixes
• Feature-length Commentary
• Behind the Scenes Features
• Interview with Steve Vai


  1. The fantastic thing is, that it sounds like it is easy and simple and still emotionally sound like there was no technique involved.
    The technique of the player dissapears behind a wall of notes in deep strong emotions.
    Wonderful. Incredible. Like always.

  2. so much better than Ynwie malmsteen, more respectful about the orchestra part … More in the Tempo … More interisting effects… More everythings !!!!! ( and seems more humble ) … Ok less masturbation of the guitar…. but Music is not about porno …

  3. This is an excellent, unique, well-performed version… "The essence of love is for man to turn his heart to the Beloved One, and sever himself from all else but Him, and desire naught save that which is the desire of his Lord." ~ Baha'u'llah


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