The Best Windows 10 – Speech Recognition Tutorial – Speech To Text, LOTS of Editing Examples!


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 8:54
TYPE WITH NO HANDS! To hear what you can say at anytime, say” what can I say.” This will open a link to the Microsoft voice commands reference sheet.
Republished video with louder sound:

List of Windows 10 Speech Recognition Commands:

Lots of examples for speech to text, text editing, and voice navigation in Windows 10. How to configure settings, etc. Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative.

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  1. Excellent Video. I personally had a lot of trouble hearing it for some reason, and it moved along a little rapid for me, so I'll be reviewing it more slowly, and applying each part in order to learn the functions better. So, for now I'd like to say LOL, "What Was That?" LOL Just kidding, seriously my hands are in horrible shape so typing a lot is not an option. I previously used Dragon until I updated to Windows 10, and me and Speech Recognition have had many fights since then.

  2. Hello, I was trying for the speech recognition, but it was not able to understand a single word what I was saying and was typing something else. Does it cancel noise? Does it supports Indian accent? Thanks in advance.


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