The New Geography Data Type in Excel: Let’s Play With It


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 10:31
Data Types were recently released for certain Insiders and in this video I play with the Geography Data Type to show you some strengths and weaknesses to help prepare you if you don’t have the Data Types already.

Some things we see:
– We can’t copy-paste-as-values to get rid of the Data Type and keep the value
– The Geography Data Type tries to fix things for us; e.g., it converted “Zion, IL” into just plain “Zion.”
– From a Data Type we can get population, city name, and mayor info.
– We can’t concatenate Data Types.
– We can get city names from a zip code … mostly. Some zip codes…


  1. very informative and will save great amount of time and avoid to get data from different google data sources.

    Thanks OZ and excl on fire for sharing such a beautiful video


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