The Web Is Dead! Long Live The Web!


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Video duration: 36:58
It’s time to build for the web, again.

It was declared dead[1], largely in favour of native apps. But the web, the biggest and most open platform we have, is fighting back[2]—it’s caught up with features only available in proprietary, native APIs, including making websites feel more ‘app-like’. Sure, native development has it’s place—but only if you’re big, or lucky. For you as a developer, the web provides a frictionless way to reach users (while providing ‘app-like features’) all via a single href.

For a history lesson: in 2007, smartphones hit the mainstream. Steve Jobs announced…



  2. terrible presentation. half of the things don't work, he keeps stumbling on his tongue, he can't stop praising the big brother, I mean google, and saying firefox is dead was just lame as fuck.

  3. I think those semi native apps, are still far too slow. If I want an app on my Homescreen I am probably using it regularly. It should be fast, like open in a split second and it should use as few resources as possible. Computation speed has risen by magnitudes over the last decade, but loading times have stayed the same.

  4. Write once debug everywhere. Need to update browser again? The browser didn't got all API calls right? Apple has no true fullscreen support. Don't click at top, how do I hide address bar again? But can I measure viewport height? No. Do Firefox/Chrome handle CSS 3D layer order same? No. Welcome to web development.

  5. "Ask anyone" – erh no, I don't know anyone who would prefer a phone over a desktop or laptop except maybe my mom. Can you game on a phone well? No. Can you code on a phone well? No. Can you view movies or videos on a phone? Yes, but everyone knows a bigger screen is better. Erh sorry, but that argument is so bad.


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