Unboxing the Product (RED) iPhone 8 Plus


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:25
In this video, we’re going to go hands on with the all new Product RED iPhone 8 Plus.

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  1. Red Is My Favourite Colour. I Need A New Phone. I’ve Always Wanted A Red iPhone Since I Saw The Red iPod Touch In Product Red. Last Year I Had The Money To Buy The Red iPhone 7 Outright, But I Needed That Money For My First Oversees Trip To Los Angeles & New York. So Instead Of Buy The iPhone 7 I Bought A Nokia 5. In The Last Couple Of Months Is Had Problem After Problem, Just Today The Speaker Stopped Working. And Yesterday I Toke The Nokia 5 Back To The Store Which I Bought It From And They Said It Could Take 2-40 Weeks To Repair. So Now I’m Using My Mums Old iPhone 4, Which Has Problems Of It’s Own. The Pixels Are Dying, It’s Slow, The Screen Is Super Tiny, Just To Name A Few. I Need A New Phone. BTW I Absolutely Hate Android. Absolutely Love iOS Devices.

  2. Open the box …. it’s red…. scream, weave arms around. It’s red…it’s red.
    The best red Apple has every produced. Goes faster … to be reviewed at on a slow news day.


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