USB Devices Not Working Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)


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Video duration: 2:11
We’ve heard about USB devices not working in Windows 10 after the latest update (March 13, 2018). This includes a keyboard and mouse, which can be troublesome. Here are a few quick fixes to help you get those unresponsive devices working again.
LINK: Microsoft Update Catalog
LINK: Run System Restore WIN10

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  1. Please help . My dell 7567 laptop turns off suddenly while on battery after updating the bios to 1.5.3 and I tried to downgraded it to 1.2.0 but I couldn't due to unsupported bios messsage. Please work on bios update or allow us to downgrade the bios .

  2. plz help, My dell laptop inspiration 5520 core i5 cooling fan doesn't work. what I do?
    I don't know what model my laptop cooling fan? when I start my laptop, the laptop is higher hot in 10 minutes. what I do?

  3. TechSupport! Help me! I have dell inspiron 14 3467 i5 laptop. The machine is smooth before but after the windows 10 update was install it became slow and the disk usage is always 100%. How can I fix this. Do I need to change my hdd to ssd? Which ssd is recommended? Plss reply…


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