Using Google Spreadsheets as a Database in the Cloud


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Video duration: 6:2
Watch Jeffrey Scudder demonstrate his GData Python Client Library extension that makes it easy to use Google Spreadsheets as a database in the cloud.


  1. hello Google Developers ! thanks for this great insight!
    i have a question.
    do you know how to use google spreadsheet as a video metadata cataloger? Having the ability to timestamp video footage from a hard drive and save the metadata in google spreadsheets online to share with easily customize searches for different clips of footage? it would be similar to CatDV. 

  2. I'm really confused and wondering if anyone can help me out.

    I have a game entirely written in Javascript, and my server will not allow me to use PHP, Python etc. as such, I need to do this solely in Javascript. Anyhow, my game is written in Javascript, and I want to add a highscore table. What I plan to do is have a spreadsheet hosted on my Google account. Then, when the user scores, I want to update the spreadsheet – which is on my account – with their score.

    I don't actually want to put my username and password at risk, so from my understanding I must use OAuth. But I don't understand how to use it in this case. I don't want to log into another user's account. I just want my script to temporarily be able to modify my spreadsheet, using some sort of key deal. And I only want that key to be able to modify that spreadsheet, nothing else. Naturally, I want the spreadsheet to be private, because I don't want people overriding values in the spreadsheet with their own, fake, made up scores.

    I know there are APIs, such as this one, for that purpose, but videos such as this are focused more on letting other users edit their spreadsheets with the API, which is not what I want. And naturally, I want to be able to EDIT the sheet, not just view it.

    I'm lost – where on earth do I start?

  3. This is super great. So much easier than the gdata spreadsheets service.
    for anyone wondering, i think demo just calls:
    client = gdata.spreadsheet.text_db.DatabaseClient()

  4. We're extensively using Google Spreadsheets to poplulate/map data to databases (import) as well as using Spreadsheets to expose/export data.
    See slideshare LiquidSequence – creating-a-banking-application-using-google-docs-spreadsheets

  5. Hello! I develop the CSV Comp Framework.Is a system to manipulate CSV files (tables) in de cloud (with CQL) (something like sql).I'll could like to use in the Google Cloud,but needs Pascal CGI in Server.In the Server run Pascal.Watch my channel.

  6. I'm having trouble at the part where you do the record= db.AddRecord({'Knight':,'Lancelot'}) It gives me the error: Please wait…' , 'reason': 'Bad Request'. Which is bullshit because that's what it says to do in table_db.

    In addition. table.db[0].GetTables(name='Knight') returns an empty list which is also bullshit because I clearly made the table in the google spreadsheet.

    I would really like someone to help me with this, please?

  7. This is the step he skipped for login…

    Instead of doing:
    client = demo.Client()

    you can just do:
    client = gdata.spreadsheet.text_db.DatabaseClient(username='', password='12345')

    Worked like a champ for me.

  8. Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Watch Jeffrey Scudder demonstrate his GData Python Client Library extension that makes it easy to use Google Spreadsheets as a database in the cloud.

  9. I have no idea what Python is. All I want to do is pull specific cells of data from a spreadsheet onto a Web page. HOW DO I DO THIS? Is there a simple tutorial that just says "type this for your jQuery script to pull 'x' data from your spreadsheet"?!

  10. If you want to see more code for this, do a search for Andreas Kahler's blog (i can't post the url here). He has a great example which includes the authentication code that is not shown here.

  11. The guy is too advanced for me. He goes straight into coding and doing geeky things I have no idea about, and I don't know how to even get started. Actually when I open the p/gdata etc. page I get it slightly different because I don't have all his documents saved up there and he just jumps into the next thing without explaining where I should click to open up his database thingy and it's more… encouraging… than it is teaching… but thanks!

  12. Yikes, a green on black command line window and mentions of knights. It's like 1980 all over again. I hope normal people will be able to use Google Spreadsheets as full-blown databases one day soon. I do, but mine are really just Google Spreadsheets with data in them, and everything in your command window looks like Martian to me. Luckily, Google takes care of business and I don't seem to need to do that.

  13. This is a very useful feature. My silver light Gantt editor written 2 years ago works with gdata on the back end using all that complexity that Jeff hides with text db.
    Like krislyttle I would like to see SQL features – especially JOIN between "tables" ("worksheets"). Still, current state is very appreciated. Thanks Jeff


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