Using Microsoft Access on Windows Tablet

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Video duration: 5:32
Learn about using Microsoft Access on a Windows tablet running Windows 8.

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3 thoughts on “Using Microsoft Access on Windows Tablet

    ayub karem

    (October 12, 2018 - 2:28 am)

    hi dear friend
    i am working with an international humanitarian organisation ,i have plan to use ms access on tablet with windows 7 or 10 and put ms app on it ,it will be very useful for us specialy for data collection ,there are many types of tables ,so is it possible to use any of these types ?thanks for helping me

    Michael Richardson

    (October 12, 2018 - 2:28 am)

    This was a nice video. I run a workshop of about 75 mechanics, and we have created a database that captures all labor aspects at different steps, material aspects, material inspection data, etc. Currently, the mechanics clock into, add inspection data, etc at one of the computers in the shop. Of course, this can be a bottle neck in the production process, and I'm looking to reduce this inefficiency, buy purchasing a tablet for each person. This will be used to add all data at the work bench and hopefully speed everything up. My question is, do you still think this model is my best option currently, and do you think this will work?

    Thomas Jones

    (October 12, 2018 - 2:28 am)

    Great Video. Thanks. I was planning to install just the runtime on the tablet and then develop an application in MS access on my desktop. I Plan then to put the app on the Tablet and give it to a team to replace paper filled forms. I will then get the tablets back and update or append data into the db that we have. I have considered using SharePoint as a backend but some locations don't have an ip address. And I know access has an issue with sizing and aspect ratio. Your thoughts?

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