Using SQLite with VB.NET Part 1


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Today I will show you how to connect to SQLite database and display tables data. I will use northwind database for this demo.
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  1. Yest you can Add multiple accounts ass you want Just septate privilege of each account and how it can do , See how WordPress DB works it has multi users table and wordpress codes can septate each user from other by using condition etc (Like current_user_can )
    Sqlite is full functional SQL db what you can do with MS SQL you can do with SqLite the different its works locally which could be very useful for small system like Store bill system or restaurant Cashier , you can lather Synchronize .db file via Network so system Admin can look at it or even make DB file opened via network driver .

  2. Thanks for your video, but I have two questions.
    1) How to suppose I build the database.sqlite because you use a database already done (Northwind.sqlite)?
    2) Do you know how can I work with Linq to SqlLite?



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