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  1. Tony,

    I added a dummy button named "Dock" so the user could initially choose any one of the three other options straight away. I also added a Command Button that would take the user back to the front menu which included three CloseWindow statements that closed the final query used. That left open only the opening Front form.

    I take longer than most to get things done – Thanks for the help!

    (ps – the code below searches for names in an address file)

    Private Sub OptGrp_AfterUpdate()

    DoCmd.Close acQuery, "_q First"
    DoCmd.Close acQuery, "_q Last"
    DoCmd.Close acQuery, "_q FirstLast"

    Select Case OptGrp
    Case 1
    Case 2
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "_q First"
    Case 3
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "_q Last"
    Case 4
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "_q FirstLast"
    Case Else
    MsgBox " >>> Case Else Triggered"

    End Select

    End Sub


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