Visio Webcast: Visio 2013 Advanced Concepts


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 1:30:22
This session contains tools and techniques which can dramatically increase the understanding, efficiency, and productivity of Visio users, turning Visio Generalists into true Visio Power Users. In this session you will learn the following critical features:

– Understanding Visio Layers
– Visio Guides
– Visio Hyperlinks
– Multi-Page Diagrams
– Multiple Windows
– External Data Sources
– Connecting to External Data
– Visio Data Graphics
– Data Graphic Legends
– Data Refresh
– Visio Timeline Diagrams
– Visio Pivot Diagrams
– Custom Stencils of Custom Shapes
– Custom Templates
– Shared…


  1. Great Video thank you!
    If I create a process map (using a "process" shape) and then create a report. And then if I change the process map (i.e. add an extra "process" shape) it will update my excel spreadsheet and insert a line into excel with the data of the new shape? That would be a great help!


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