Wait…These Pairs Are Approaching Major Levels! | Weekly Forex Outlook


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Video duration: 17:3
In this Warsaw 🇵🇱 Forex trading vlog, I do a weekly Forex outlook and show you the currency pairs on my watchlist for the coming trading week. I show you the best currency pairs to trade on Forex – those reaching major zones. Vlog #334.

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While watching this weekly Forex outlook, you should keep in mind that I am primarily a swing trader focused on reversal trading. I based my trading decisions solely on technical analysis. This review is my own. You should always follow your plan as a Forex trader and rely on your own decisions.

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  1. Just noticed 32 secs into video – you may have some dust on your camera sensor. Re finding trades and setups do you use any scanning tools or filters to narrow down the charts. Thanks

  2. all usd pairs are at major levels,, usdsgd, usdmxn ( my favourite 🙂 ) use cad usesek am monitoring them for shorts but usdmxn in particular can rally to 61.8% before the drop


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