What Tools Do Growth Hackers Use? – Growth Insights #7


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Welcome back to Growth Insights! This latest episode asks the burning question – What Tools Do Growth Hackers Use? – Growth Insights #7

Growth Insights is the only series in which you’ll be introduced to data content marketing hacks, analytics for content marketing insights, content analytics and email marketing tips all in just 5 minutes. Watch the full episode to get the answer to the question we know you’ve been asking – What Tools Do Growth Hackers Use?

Each Growth Insights video will contain the latest growth marketing tools, techniques and secrets from our team and community….


  1. I feel the need to counteract some of the downright shitty comments this video has received. What I appreciate is that the pace of the video itself has gone down a bit, which is good! For each tool that has been advised to you, I would like to understand what you have done with it (for my inspiration and as a minimal validation too). Feel free to dive just a little bit deeper into some of those tools. If it makes the video a bit longer, not to worry. A lot of time and effort goes into making these videos. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next video.

  2. I agree with the other comments that the level of this video wasn't quite on par with the previous ones – maybe put some more time into sanity checking if the topics are relevant given the title? (GIF, Facebook bot, and immigration policy shift seemed a bit random to me…)
    But apart from those, I think there still are plenty of other great tips – certainly compared to any other videos on GH out there. Also, kodus to David and team for being so attentive on feedback and eager to keep pushing the bar so high – looking forward to your next video!

    PS: Sean Ellis' piece on the "north star metric" ties in well with David's answer in the end – perhaps that could be relevant for further info? 🙂 https://blog.growthhackers.com/what-is-a-north-star-metric-b31a8512923f

  3. This one doesn't match to the levels of others! This video seems like introducing a B player within As.. Come on guys! I think you should do more strategy videos.. like explaining a growth hack in detail..

  4. It feels like you're running out of energy. You've slowed down in delivery speed and gold. There were fewer references and insights. After an incredible start this series is sliding towards mediocrity. Hope you can regain your mojo. Thanks for the effort you put into these, only a bit disappointed as you started so strongly and with so many golden nuggets it feels like you're running out of content and quality. Rewatch episode 3 and contrast with this one.


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