Why the Wingdings font exists


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Wingdings is the font made entirely out of symbols. But why?

As a means of writing sentences, Wingdings fails — but that was never its purpose. It was created to be used as a unique tool for the pre-internet era. It was akin to emojis, but with even more utility.

Read more on the Wingdings font: http://www.vox.com/2015/8/25/9200801/wingdings-font-history

Video by Phil Edwards and Sarah Turbin.
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  1. ☞??? ⚐☞☞ ?☠?☜☼❄✌☹☜ ☞✌☠?? ❄☟✋? ✋? ☜???✌❄✋⚐☠✌☹? ✋❄ ☟✌? ☠⚐❄☟✋☠☝ ❄⚐ ❄?⚐ ?✋❄☟ ❄☟✌❄ ☞???✋☠☝ ☝✌?☜

  2. 85% of the comments were Undertale-related. Including the W.D. Gaster. (Actually, I came here for this, too. Haha.). 10% are some people who would shut up about the game. 3% people are saying this is helpful. 2% of people saying neutral things in this video.

  3. One of the planes that hit the Trade Center Towers in NY was flight number : Q33NY

    1) Open a new Word document and type in capital letters Q33NY

    2) highlight it

    3) enlarge the font to 48

    4) click on Font Style and select “Wingdings”

    You will then will be amazed!!

  4. Maybe "ding" is from the Dutch translation, but I would think it's more likely German as they originated the printing press. I know it has the same meaning, I just find it funny they used Dutch as opposed to German in their explanation.

  5. Could someone PLEASE make a website where anyone can take any font that they have downloaded on their pc and type in those fonts on that website. I, as i'm sure many others would like to be able to input a text and have it be converted to the font that they have downloaded. PEOPLE MUST BE ABLE TO COPY AND PASTE THE CONVERTED TEXT TO OTHER WEBSITES ON THE INTERNET. Personally I would like to be able to do that on the very popular internet game "Agar.io."

  6. ahhhhhhhhh! Wingdings still does that what this video said was an anti-semettic remark about Jews. NYC in Wingdings that is………and in Webdings NYC is an eye a heart and a few buildings……
    i like making my own font and it is really easy to do using paintshop pro and corel draw home n student. i can turn any black and white image into a font. black and white image , or stencil. its easy to do. i made a couple tutorials on how that are on my channel.

  7. We have Steve Jobs to thanks for multiple fonts on computers. He did a calligraphy class in college and when he started Apple, he thought multiple fonts on a computer would be a good idea.


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