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Video duration: 11:
Here’s an easy beginners tutorial on Windows Live Movie Maker . Learn some live easy how-to’s and some tricks and tips too. See different ways that windows live movie maker effects can make your video great. Windows Live Movie Maker is great getting started video editing software for those just getting started with video creation. I provide a easy video editing software review of Windows Live Movie Maker. This is video editing software free which means there is no cost to you. Get this video editing software free download now from Microsoft. When choosing the Best Editing software for…


  1. I have a question.. when i import/add a video the resolution of it changes when its in movie maker. it becomes very bad quality after importing. when i watch the video on other app. like windows player its HD. but when i import/add it to movie maker it changes to a very poor quality. does the video convert during importing? can i change it somehow so it stay in original resolution? thx in advance..

  2. i have reached a problem…. i have saved a movie, but i did a mistake, how would i re-enter the editing area because in the saved movie it has reduced the editing tabs. how would i fix that? someone please tell me 🙁 i bet this problem exists towards others too


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