Word 2013 for Beginners Part 4: How to Open and Save a Word 2013 Document


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 11:20
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This introductory video gives an overview on how to start using MS Word 2013. You will learn how to open Word document and start creating a new document on a blank Word 2013 workspace. As soon as you’re done working with your document, you will have an overview on how to save it either at your Skydrive, Computer or you may add another place and then you can close your document as well as MS Word by clicking the cross at the right end.

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  1. Information Overview for this video:
    Starting Word 2013
    Menu Screen
    -Recent Documents
    Opening a document
    Introducing the work space
    Naming the Document
    Saving the Document
    Backstage view
    -Save As
    .docx as a recent format
    Closing the Document/Microsoft Word


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