Word 2016: Printing


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:53

Once you’ve created your document, you may want to print it to view and share your work offline. In this video, you’ll learn how to preview and print a document in Word using the Print pane.

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  1. I have Word 2016 and i want to print some pictures in colour and it is continously printing images in black and white and i really don't know what to do now , i want this images quickly as soon as possible.. please help. i have hp Officejet 5742..

  2. Hi!! I have made a table on a word document and I want to print the table in the size I originally made it but when I print it, my table becomes smaller. The other word I used had a 'fit actual size' option but I cannot find that in word 2016. When I choose the no scaling option it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong and how can I print actual size? Thanks!!

  3. I have Word 2016 and when I'm going to print the document the bottom of the page doesn't show in the print preveiw. When I print it the bottom of the page won't print. Could you tell me how to fix that…. ( I have hp deskjet 1510 series printer)


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