YouTube New Comment System – New Features (Nov 2013)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 5:56

1. Configuring your account
You can use your current Google+ account to link it with YouTube or you can create a new channel. When you create a new YouTube Channel, you will also get a new Google+ with that name.

2. New Features

– How to make a comment ?
You can make a comment by making it public or sharing it with specific people in your Google+ Circles. You choose to share a comment on YouTube with Google+ or not.

– Comments appear in a threaded

– Formatted Text
*Bold Text*

– Delete comment from Google+ or YouTube

– Enable or…


  1. the comment changes are ridiculous. they are far too complex but dont work well at a fundamental level. threaded? i dont think so. all the comments are jumbled up. so how are you supposed to view conversations your having now?

    also why am i informed by email about new posts to videos ive commented on. but just random ones and not necessarily replies to my comments. ive returned to videos and people have replied to my comments but ive not been informed.

    did they design the comments to be as chaotic and annoying as possible, or are the designers just morons.


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