10 Time Saving PowerPoint 365 Tips and Tricks

About this tutorial:

Video duration: 00:04:33
This video teaches the top 10 time saving PowerPoint tips and tricks in just 4 minutes. These tips and tricks can also be applied to PowerPoint 2016 and PowerPoint 2019.

Tips and Tricks Timeline:
0:16 1. Copy object in straight line
0:32 2. Making pictures even size
0:55 3. Reuse shapes tool (Lock drawing mode)
1:27 4. Fill text with an image
2:09 5. Select a word or paragraph quickly
2:24 6. Ungroup smart art
2:57 7. Smart copying
3:15 8. Generate random text
3:43 9. Matching text colour with an image
4:06 10. Switching between PowerPoint…

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