Contest Winners!!

It was a fair game. I took everyone’s names who commented and put the prize they wanted and put them in a Microsoft Word document. I then copy and pasted the list in this website and selected 2 RANDOM winners. Have a merry crustmas. I’ll upload a video soon.

Excel 2010: Conditional Formatting Imagine you have a spreadsheet with thousands of rows of data. It would be extremely difficult to see patterns and trends just from examining the raw data. Excel gives us several tools that will make this task easier. One of these tools is called conditional formatting. With conditional formatting, you can apply formatting to […]

PowerPoint 2013: Background Removal With background removal, PowerPoint uses special algorithms to determine which parts of the image are the …

Tutorial Delphi simpan , edit, hapus ,cetak dan cari dengan database ms access

Email untuk keluh kesah : Incoming search terms:mengedit database lewat delphi

Excel Basics #2: Keyboard Shortcuts

Download workbook: The Excel Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end. #2 Video topics: 1)Ctrl + C = Copy 2)Ctrl + V = Paste 3)Ctrl + X = Cut 4)Excel 2007 Screen Tips with keyboard shortcuts 5)Ctrl + F2 = Print Preview 6)How to Discover all […]

Fifa 16 Arsenal Career Mode Legendary Difficulty Part 16: Dominant Throughout England

Fifa 16 Arsenal Career Mode Legendary Difficulty Part 16: Dominant Throughout England Part 16 of my Fifa 16 Career mode series with Arsenal Fc, This is a … Incoming search terms:fifa 16 career mode powerpoint

Configuration du compte de messagerie – On apprend à configurer notre compte courriel dans Outlook Express, Apple Mail , Windows Mail, et Windows Live Mail.

Excel VBA Tips n Tricks #13 Logo or Splash Screen that goes away after a few seconds!!

Create a Logo Splash Screen at the beginning of your workbook. Make it look professional as Excel loads! Check this one out!!! Gadwin Printscreen: Interact and Follow me on: Blog/site: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus+: Incoming search terms:word 2010 vba splah screen

How to add numbers in Excel | tutorial

This Microsoft Excel tutorial shows how to add numbers using the Sum and AutoSum functions. Watch more at This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter three of the Excel 2010 Essential Training course presented by author Bob Flissner. The complete Excel 2010 Essential Training course has a total duration of […]

How to have more control over slideshows using Powerpoint 2007

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สอน Excel: การสร้าง Pivot Table จากฐานข้อมูล Microsoft Access

สอนการดึงข้อมูลจากตารางใน Microsoft Access มาสร้าง Pivot Table พร้อมเทคนิคการใช้ Slicer ในการกรองข้อมูลที่แสดงใน Pivot Table =====ดาวน์โหลดไฟล์ Northwind Access Database ได้ที่

Microsoft Publisher – Seznámení s programem

Jak můžeme snadno ve škole vytvářet pěkné pozvánky, diplomy a další publikace. Videotutoriál, vzniklý v projektu Tablety do škol – pomůcka pro pedagoga ve světě digitálního vzdělávání. Autor: Jakub Velecký

Microsoft Office Outlook Tutorial Using the Calendar 6.12 Employee Group Training

A clip from Mastering Outlook Made Easy: How to Set a Recurrance. Get a FREE demo of our training for groups of 5 or more at Visit us today!

Word 2013: Getting to Know Word Word 2013 is very similar to Word 2010. If you’ve previously used Word 2010, Word 2013 should feel very familiar. But if you are new to Word, or have more experience with older versions, you should first take some time to become familiar with the Word 2013 interface. Watch the video to learn more […]

※ms power point 2010 파워포인트 멀티미디어 강의[3.인터넷 동영상]샘플 동영상 강좌

컴퓨터 프로그램 동영상 강좌 안내합니다 (주)아이비컴퓨터교육닷컴은 IT 자격증,디자인 프로그래밍 오피스등 다양한 교육컨텐츠를 제작 서비스하는 교육청 등록 평생교육 기관입니다 샘플 강좌를 보시고 컴퓨터와 모바일기기에서 쉽게 컴퓨터 프로그램을 배우시고 실무에 활용하세요