Basics of SUMIFS & PivotTables for Monthly Sales Report. Excel Magic Trick 1701.

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Learn how to create an employee month sales report with the SUMIFS function or a PivotTable.
1. (00:00) Intro
2. (00:09) Look Back at Excel Magic Trick 13 back in the year 2008
3. (00:20) Look at three video series on this topic
4. (00:48) SUMIFS formula. Old School formula.
5. (04:00) SUMIFS formula for Microsoft Excel 365 Spilled Array Formula. New School formula.
6. (06:10) Advantage of SUMIFS over PivotTable
7. (06:35) PivotTable solution is the easiest!
8. (08:40) Disadvantages of PivotTables
9. (08:50) Summary,…

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