Best Practices in Planner and Teams

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Video duration: 01:05:41
In this video, we have explained how Planner allows teams to create, assign, and organize work visually. With this app, companies can better facilitate teamwork, as well as progress visibility and coordination.

In this video, you will learn, how to work together and share information via a common space. You also learn how you can utilize cool features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, and more.

Please see the schedule below:
1. Launch Planner (03:55)
2. Create a new project plan (05:14)
3. Adding tasks to Planner (06:53)
4. Assign tasks (09:45)
5. Various features in Tasks in Planner (11:50)
6. Updating tasks (17:26)
7. Chart view (18:20)
8. Schedule view (19:10)
9. Filter view (19:40)
10. MS teams (25:20)
11. Create a Team (25:50)
12. How to get a team code to let people join the team (26:46)
13. Creating channels (28:47)
14. Tagging in Teams Chat (30:49)
15. Creating polls in the channel (33:30)
16. Attachment in MS teams
17. Adding a TAB (35:30)
18. Working together with other people simultaneously (37:11)
19. Locating all files in Document Library, sync locally (39:26)
20. Typing commands (41:36)
21. Creating meeting (43:31)
22. Teams Live Events (46:03)
23. MS Teams on Mobile (53:02)
24. Using Existing plan in Planner in Teams (54:39)

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