How to insert and merge table using Microsoft word 2016

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MS Word Tutorial in Hindi, Paragraph Setting (Home Tab, Paragraph) कंप्यूटर सीखिये हिंदी में

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:46 [कंप्यूटर सीखिये हिंदी में ] MS Word में text को Align कैसे करते है| Text में Bullets insert कैसे कराते है, Text और Paragraph में Line Spacing कैसे set करते है etc… -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “How to Mail Merge in MS Word in Hindi ? ( मेल मर्ज हिंदी […]

Microsoft Word 2016 Part4

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How to do a Mail Merge in Microsoft® Word for Windows®

About this tutorial: Video duration: 4:48 If you use Microsoft Office, you can easily import addresses or other data from an Excel spreadsheet and place them onto Avery labels, name badges, name tags or other products to edit and print using Microsoft Word. See the steps to mail merge onto an Avery template, making preparing […]

This Trick will make you a Filter Expert in Excel | Vivekananda Sinha | Video 27

About this tutorial: Video duration: 11:4 Filtering data is one of the common task in Excel. Unknowingly, we invest lots of time in this which can be saved. In this tutorial, I will guide you an innovative and time saving tool that will save lots of your time. I will introduce you to Custom View. […]

Editing group in Ms word 2010 part – 8 | 2013 | 2016

About this tutorial: Video duration: 9:53 How to use editing group in Ms word 2010 | 2013 | 2016 In this video series, you can learn deep knowledge about ms word editing group. Replace, Goto, Find, Select all, Select with similar formatting, every option in it. #EdithingGroup #MSWord2010 #KiteInstitute

WINDOWS XP Tricks In this video I will show you some tricks for Windows XP. Hack Windows XP | Hacking computers | Windows 7 | Microsoft, windows, hack, trick Software / Hardware Installation | Home network repair | Memory Upgrades Wired / Wireless Network set-up | General Maintenance | File and Printer Sharing | Operating System Installation […]

Introduction to MS Excel 2016 in Urdu Hindi

About this tutorial: Video duration: 6:20 • Introduction Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to store, organize, and analyze information. While you may Believe Excel is only used by certain people to process complicated data, anyone can learn how to take advantage Of the program’s powerful features. Whether you’re keeping a budget, organizing […]

Microsoft Word Hidden Features

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Seitenzahlen einfügen in Word 2010 – TUTORIAL

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:26 Wenn Sie in Word 2010 eine Seitenzahl einfügen wollen, klicken Sie auf “Datei” und dann – je nachdem, wo Sie die Seitenzahlen positioniert haben wollen – “Kopfzeile” oder “Fußzeile”. Wählen Sie nun “Seitenzahl” und wählen unter den Möglichkeiten Design und Position aus. Interessant für Sie wird sicherlich auch unser […]

Copy Text Formatting in Microsoft Word

About this tutorial: Video duration: 31 Learn how to copy the text (font) formatting in Microsoft Word. You can then apply the copied formatting to other plain or formatted text.

Passive RC low pass filter tutorial!

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:33 A tutorial on passive low pass RC filter circuits, and how they affect the frequency content of signals. An example of an RC filter that could go before a subwoofer’s amplifier is given. The sound clips are from Pendulum’s Slam in Hold Your Colour. More videos at

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial in Bengali (Part-8) Most popular important options of MS Word

About this tutorial: Video duration: 19:50 Microsoft Word is a word processing software package. You can use it to type letters, reports, and other documents. It gives you the ability to use your computer for desktop publishing. This tutorial teaches Microsoft Word 2007 basics. Although this tutorial was created for the computer novice, because Microsoft […]

One Of The Greatest ODI Matches Ever | England v India NatWest Series Final 2002 – Full Highlights

About this tutorial: Video duration: 18:35 Follow India’s 2018 tour of England right here: The 2002 final of the series between England and India is a classic, fondly remembered by all who witnessed it. It was a titanic clash between the golden age of Indian cricket and an England team full of legends. Tendulkar, Ganguly, […]

Quick Tip: Microsoft Word: Turn on the Developer Tab

About this tutorial: Video duration: 35 The Ribbon is a staple of Microsoft Word, allowing you to use a plethora of commands with the click of a mouse, from the widely-used Home tab to the Review and Mailings tabs. Every once in a while, there comes a time when you need to use a tool […]

Ms. Word 2016 – 2 – Cara Lain Untuk Membuka Ms. Word

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:42 Wah ternyata ada lo cara lain untuk masuk ke Ms. Word 😀 yuk subcribe (: Mohon maaf apabila ada salah kata atau perbuatan ya… Nobody is perfect 🙂 Add Line : @jxm830u

Ms Word Tutorial in hindi Part-3 Use of commands in paragraph group

About this tutorial: Video duration: 9:6 #MSWordTutorialinhindi ,#LearnMsWord,#MSwordoffice365tutorialinhindi,#MSWord 2013,#MSWord2016,#MSWord2007 In this video you will learn about rand function, Paragraph alignment (alignment in center, right most, left most, full page or justify), line and paragraph spacing (removing, adding and adjust space), shading in paragraph, borders along paragraph. etc

Table Fill Color From Microsoft Word

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:16 Please watch: “Youtube Channel History Delete with Channel Videos View Setup” ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Youtube Videos Tutorials and Education


About this tutorial: Video duration: 27:20 A LEARN COMPUTER COURSES BEGINNER – ADVANCE tutorial on using Word 2016, whether you are a student, a business user or in a corporate environment. Learn Microsoft Word in just a couple hours from the basics to the advanced features. The following are covered in detail : How to […]

Microsoft Word 2013 pt 6 (Header/Footer, Page Break, Bookmark, Comment…)

In this tutorial learn to add Header/Footer, also learn to add different Header/Footer on different pages using Page Breaks. Learn to Insert Text Box, WordArt, Drop Caps, and Comments. And in the end learn to add Bookmarks and Hyperlinks to your document.