Tutorial Sederhana Menggambar Probis menggunakan Ms Visio (BPMN) – Pemutakhiran SOP DJKN 2021

About this tutorial: Video duration: 00:29:14 Tutorial yang sangat sederhana menggunakan Ms Visio untuk menggambarkan probis dengan berpedoman pada BPMN. Dibuat untuk percepatan pemutakhiran SOP DJKN 2021. #Visio #BPMN

Most useful functions for beginners in Excel. Top tip for Excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 00:16:02 This video covers some of the most useful functions used in Microsoft Excel. The tutor starts off with the SUM, SUMIF and SUMIFS functions, demonstrating how each function works. The tutor mentions how to use named ranges to avoid dollar signs and how to create data validation lists. The […]

Cara Uninstall MICROSOFT VISIO 2013 || How to Uninstall MICROSOFT VISIO 2013

About this tutorial: Video duration: 00:02:10 Semoga bermanfaat 🙂 #Microsoft #MicrosoftOffice #MicrosoftVisio #MicrosoftVisio2013 #GambarTeknik #GambarTeknikListrik #TeknikOtomasiIndustri #TeknikInstalasiTenagaListrik #SMK

How to Download and Install Microsoft Visio 2021 with Office 365 | Add Visio 2021 to Office 365

About this tutorial: Video duration: 00:04:05 🌍Commands anf bat file in this video: 👉Installing Visio 2021 when you have Office 365 proPlus. 👉Install Visio 2021 Volume on the same computer running Office 365 👉How to install Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 and Office 365. 🍺If while watching a video with advertisements, please watch or click the […]