Databases with Microsoft Access 3 –Tables: Date Time Field Types & Custom Date Formats

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Date / Time data types in Access

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Date format building blocks, that can be assembled in any desired combination.

d: shows the day: ie. 8, 12
dd: shows day with leading zero: ie. 08, 12
ddd: shows weekday in short form: ie. Mo, Tu
dddd: shows weekday in full: ie. Monday, Tuesday

m: shows the month: ie. 3, 11
mm: shows month with leading zero: ie. 03, 11
mmm. shows month name in short form: ie. Mar, Nov
mmmm: shows month name in full: ie. March, November

yy: shows year without century: ie.: 98, 15
yyyy: shows year with century: ie.: 1998, 2015

These building blocks can…

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