Dynamic Array Formulas for Office 365 – Video #1: Spill Concept, Sequence & Randarray formulas

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Hello and welcome to this new video talking about “Dynamic Array” formula
these new formulas are available only for office 365 users (Microsoft 365), if you are using any other version of excel, you will not be able to enjoy the whole dynamic array concept

dynamic array formulas are particularly 8 (sequence, randarray, filter, xlookup, xmatch, unique, sort, and sort by)

but this is not whole story about the office 365, it has a new concept and new calculation engine that makes your experience with excel completely different.
the new calculation engine allows excel to determine naturally and automatically if the formula will result in single or multiple values. if the formula will result in more than one value, the formula will spill automatically and provide you with list or array of values

this is completely different form old days when you have to hit “Ctrl+ Shift + Enter” to run your array formula, now, in all cases you just hit a single key ….. which is “Enter”

Actually this will not be a single video, it will be followed by 2 or 3 more videos discussing the dynamic array, so we are going to touch base on the arrays formulas and the overall spill concept which differentiate office 365 from all previous versions of excel and will also how other formulas like sum and sumifs will behave when combined with array formulas, and how the old array formulas like transpose or frequency will behave under the new excel engine

First video will be this video, or Video #1
We are going to demo the spill concept, will look at sequence and randarray formulas, also will see how the # works with the spilled arrays, we will combine some other formulas with sequence and randarray like Count, CountA, Date, and Text
Will see also how conditional formatting can be extremely useful with dynamic array
We will see all of these in 3 examples including an example of how to generate Random Data Table

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