Early look at Microsoft Threat Protection

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Harnesses trillions of threat signals from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to secure your workplace using Microsoft Threat Protection. Security CVP Rob Lefferts shows you the unified single consul for visibility of security threats across your identities, endpoints, email, user data, SaaS apps, infrastructure and more. See how this helps build and investigate a connected account of what’s going on in your environment. This includes built-in protections and how new AI-powered security playbooks dynamically hardens your environment through automated workflows.

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4 thoughts on “Early look at Microsoft Threat Protection

    We're a small business without an IT department (the target market for O365), and we use O365 w/VoIP for all users (all the bells & whistles). But how do we implement all of the O365/Azure tools available to us with our subscription? The security tools MS provides us require an IT department to implement. Please don't suggest contacting an "MS Partner". We've done that. If a "Partner" actually responds to your inquiry, they're more interested in moving your O365 subscription under them and selling you an ongoing subscription to their "canned" services, ultimately increasing your monthly subscription cost. We're not looking for free services, we'd just appreciate the ability to contact MS and pay an MS representative to setup our system properly. If our environment changes, or we need a new issue rectified, contact MS, make the adjustments, and pay MS. Better yet, devise a monthly subscription fee that allows us to pay MS to be our IT department. MS you're doing a serious disservice to millions of small business owners buy marketing O365/Azure services to them and then just leaving them swaying in the wind while you work with mega companies implementing your solutions.


    (March 15, 2019 - 1:14 am)

    When is this going to be available?

    Carl Prout

    (March 15, 2019 - 1:14 am)

    As an admin using CrowdStrike in my environment it's hard to ignore this

    Romel Agno

    (March 15, 2019 - 1:14 am)


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