How to use assignments in Microsoft Teams (Complete overview)

About this tutorial:

Video duration: 00:12:33
In this video on Microsoft Teams, we look at everything there is to learn about assignments in Microsoft teams. Check out the timestamps to find specific topics within assignments and share with a friend.

In this video:
0:00 intro
0:10 Why use assignments for online teaching?
0:23 Open Microsoft Teams and find Assignments
0:47 Find Assignments in the General Channel
1:10 Set your very first assignment (assignment, quiz, reuse assignment)
1:40 Fill out the assignment details (Title description, format the instructions)
2:20 Hyperlinks within the instructions (Link to sources)
2:30 Upload or add resources (Files)
3:08 Create a new file from within the assignment resource options
3:25 File permissions (View the File, Edit own copy)
4:10 Adding points or grading
4:15 Adding and using a rubric to save time when grading
5:35 Who gets assigned the work?
5:50 Set a Due date and Time.
6:00 Difference between Due Date and Close date
7:20 How to schedule assignments for publishing later
8:00 An overview of all your set, completed and draft assignments
8:10 See which students have completed their work
8:33 Students View: What does the assignment look like to our students?
9:15 Rubric to guide and inform the student
9:28 Opening a document from within the assignment in Teams
9:45 Edit the document embedded in Teams(Open in Browser)
10:15 Accessibility Mode and Immersive reader within Assignments
11:00 Students turn in his/her work
11:16 Teacher View: Grading work, returning work and giving feedback

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