How to use Microsoft Power Automate

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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate to create automated workflows. Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate—so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

0:00 Introduction
1:43 How to get Microsoft Power Automate / Flow
3:29 Power Automate home page
4:04 Create a flow using a template
6:58 View and manage all of my flows
8:50 Create an automated flow from blank
10:05 Create an instant flow from blank
12:10 Create a scheduled flow from blank
14:28 UI and business process flows
16:00 Templates

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26 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft Power Automate


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Thanks Kevin, This is great and I can see the advantage over UiPath 3 fold. I have access to other peoples automation projects. I do not have to do any coding. I could save time and possibly some money by just getting an Office 365 subscription. This is awesome!

    shatha alhosni

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    this made my life much easier thank you !!!! looking forward for the next one

    Balasubramanian RN

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    I have multiple emails, I have classified it into Profiles in Outlook. I want to, when I start my day., and say click a button., I want all mails to be refreshed, so once this is done., if I am on the move (and don’t have internet ….), I have the latest mails syncronised ….-)
    Is there a template which I can re-use.
    Thanks for you support…

    SMS Damzat

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Love your video. Can you do power automate for approval for different people? Thanks.

    Jonas Sami

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Always the same thing, a very basic tutorial about Power Automate. It Doesn't really benefit anyone.


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Love your videos Kevin! Thanks!!

    David Adams

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Nothing says love more than an automated Happy Birthday message 👍


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    I'm stuck. I'm trying my best to automate my hearthstone streaming but I keep losing.


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Great video!

    John Mathew

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    What is the cursor highlighter you are using?

    Danny Samuel

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    I didn't know that Flow allows other apps that aren't from Microsoft Office :O

    Silky Johnson

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    With SP2010 workflows going away, people need to start getting better at creating flows

    Dan Amador

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Great video. I've got a few flows created and they've worked. However, one day they stopped working and I received the following error message:
    "Your flow could not be enabled because it contains connectors to applications which are not compatible with the Gmail connector used in this flow"
    Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix this?

    Colin Powell

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Great video. This looks useful. Could this be used to automate data queries in Excel or Power BI that need updating weekly for instance? Speaking of Power Bi – that would be a nice video idea!

    neeraj tiwari

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Whats if a flow set to send mail and at that time my p.c is off will it send the mail or not

    Ian Brown

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Great video. Got me going down a rabbit trail of automating MS Form responses to Word docs. Example use: employment application data — > easier to read template stored in SharePoint. Unfortunately, looks like Word connector is only available for Business accounts. Another connector, PlumSail provides similar functionality, but is another paid service.


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    hello, here is a challenge i have. I want to sent an auto reply “your request is complete” to the client when i drag the email from inbox to the sub folder “done” . is this possible with power automate?

    Ehab Galal

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Thank you for your Video but, If you need to create flow that be used for my users in my tenant not for me only. what shall I do

    R L

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    I like Microsoft Power Automate and it has a lot of potential but it doesn't offer much more options as IFTTT.

    Vinsent Levitsky

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Thanks 😊 It's really cool 😊

    Dhanish Athif

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    How MacOS friendly is PowerAutomate? With the premium Macro-like features and all?

    Guillermo Serra

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    I was waiting for this video, instant like.

    Jayson Ignacio

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Hi Kevin, how can we remove the take action control while presenting thru video conference in MS teams? thank you

    Ali Usmi

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    148K, congratulations, you will definitely get more subscribers. Great learning videos. Keep it up


    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    Please do a video about MyAnalytics outlook insights with Microsoft 365.
    Actually my IT department disabled it, but I was finding it really useful and I would love to know more about it.

    Movie Beans

    (July 10, 2020 - 3:51 am)

    This is pretty cool, I didn't know that this existed. It would be awesome to be able to connect this to Cortana or some other voice assistant as a trigger for a flow. Custom Cortana commands!

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