How to use the consolidate function in Excel

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How to use the consolidate function in Excel.
Combine data from different sheets. Combine data from different files.
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6 thoughts on “How to use the consolidate function in Excel

    mehmet kaya

    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    Thank you!

    Jafari Hamisi

    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    wow i love you!!!


    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    how to sum the amount with multiple duplicate orders? Example; duplicate orders and has different total and would like to sum it so the duplicate order can be delete.

    Kyle scott

    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    Or how do I collect data that is in a column with blank cells between them? To go from a column with blank spaces to a new column identical data with no spaces

    Kyle scott

    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    I have a question about figuring out average trip times. I have a spreadsheet with a bunch of trucks and there begin and end journey times are in same column and I want to find a way to auto calc the average time. I could send you my sheet

    Automation Guide

    (August 15, 2019 - 3:40 am)

    Thank You !!

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