Layers in Visio 2013

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Video duration: 17:59
This video provides a good look at how to use layers for Visio and what to use them for. You’ll learn how to organize large drawings and make them “filterable” in a non-destructive way, such that pertinent details can be highlighted, and less important information can be deemphasized or hidden, or different details can be shown for print vs. screen. It also discusses some of the problems and hard-to-understand details that might stump you when working with Visio layers.

I started a series of videos for Visio 2013, but the project never came to fruition. While targeted specifically at…

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1 thought on “Layers in Visio 2013


    (February 4, 2020 - 6:38 am)

    Really great video. I learned just what I needed and then some.
    However one little improvement suggestion – please improve the sound on the video. It is really, really low and I had to go back-wards a couple of times in order to hear you. If your content had not been so great and what I was after, I would normally have left because of that………….

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