Learn Excel – MrExcel Review of Excel for iPad – Podcast 1874

About this tutorial:

Video duration: 19:40
A look at the feature on the new Excel for iPad. A complete list of what works and does not work is here:

Table of Contents
0:01 History
0:40 First look
0:50 Summary of what is supported
1:20 Office 365 needed to edit
1:44 Building a worksheet from scratch
2:40 Alignment of Text
2:55 Entering a formula
3:21 Copy and Paste
3:45 Fill from 2 cells
4:00 Format as Table
4:37 16 Million colors
5:15 Shapes with Text
6:15 Pictures
7:00 Toggle Formula Bar, Headings, Freeze Panes
7:12 Merged Cells
7:30 Selecting a Range
7:40 Inserting…

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