Microsoft Teams Calendar icon is missing from the menu

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Welcome back! Today we are going to review why the Microsoft Teams Calendar icon could be missing from your menu. In this short video we will demonstrate what the menu looks like when you experience this issue, and what you need to do to resolve the issue. For this demonstration, we will show the Microsoft Teams desktop, and mobile app used on an Android and iPhone mobile device.

When we initially set up Microsoft teams we had a hybrid scenario whereby we had exchange servers on premise as well as the 365 Exchange Server. The mailboxes We had on premise did not have the calendar icon in Microsoft teams and were unable to schedule new Microsoft teams video meetings.

We will cover how to use the calendar to schedule meetings in another video but for today we want to explain how to get the calendar icon in your team’s menu.

Timeline info:
Cause of issue – 0:21
Resolution for Administrators – 1:20

** Remember that once the changes have been implemented, it WILL take up to 24 hours for changes on Microsoft’s side to sync, and then show up on the end users devices

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Due to the 2020 pandemic outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, Microsoft has allowed anyone with a valid email address to sign up and use their Microsoft Teams software. We want to make sure that everyone with an email address who is interested in trying out this great software will be able to do so.

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